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Our state-of-the-art aquaculture facility is situated in the wide expanse of the Saxony-Anhalt region of Germany, where we've been farming Russian and Siberian sturgeon since 2008.


Quietly located just outside the village of Jessen, our fishery draws crystal-clear water from a natural underground aquifer more than 50 metres below our facility which is further purified through a sophisticated filtration process so no impurities are passed on to our fish.


Our husbandry practices

It takes precision to create the right conditions for the production of truly delightful caviar. Our fishery applies the latest technologies to control each step of the sturgeon-rearing process, with rigorous quality checks and a highly qualified technical staff overseeing every aspect of our operation.

We take great pride in selecting only the best female individuals to raise to the peak of maturity. Using pure, clean water with carefully calibrated temperature and flow rates, our hand-rearing of each and every fish to an egg-bearing age allows us to extract sturgeon roe at the optimal moment. From fingerling to maturity takes more than 6 years, but careful breeding and precise farming techniques ensure we obtain exquisite caviar in perfect condition for our customers.

Of course, a fish's diet also plays a crucial role in the creation of exquisite caviar, so we take great care in developing the right feeding programme for our fish at each stage of their development.

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